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Just some photos

We haven’t been able to write fast enough to keep up with all that has been happening on the farm.  We’ve been very busy planting, weeding, and preparing the summer garden. We also introduced the calf to the pasture this … Continue reading

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“There’s a Trap Door in the Country, Where We Can Disappear”*

I’d be surprised if many of you were waiting with baited breath for our Monday post, but if so, we’re very sorry.  We just ran out of steam this weekend. I returned Sunday night from a trip to Washington DC … Continue reading

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I Weed, Therefore I Am

This week, the little notebook I carry around to jot out random bits of my mind is covered in dirt-smudged hand prints, evidence of the morning spent weeding Lamb’s Quarters (also a delicious green) from rows of shallots.  The flow … Continue reading

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Cows, chickens, and meat, oh my!

A little fair warning:  My thoughts this time have to do with raising animals for meat, and might be disturbing to some.  If you prefer to read about peaceful plant foraging instead, I’ll be ruminating (hee hee) on that later … Continue reading

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“We’re not the Jet-set, we’re the old Chevrolet-set”*

I thought I’d try to summarize our daily routine here for those of you who are interested in the details.  It’s a bit hard to do, though, because the routine changes a lot from day to day.  We don’t always … Continue reading

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There’s Manure on My Jacket, and Cat Puke on the Floor.

The saner among you are probably wondering what we were thinking, leaving a perfectly good bungalow-style house in Albuquerque–not to mention a whole community of people we love–to work unpaid on a farm and squat in the basement apartment of … Continue reading

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