Just some photos

We haven’t been able to write fast enough to keep up with all that has been happening on the farm.  We’ve been very busy planting, weeding, and preparing the summer garden. We also introduced the calf to the pasture this week, and are getting a tiny bit better at milking.  Here are a few shots of what we’ve been up to, without all the verbosity.

fog on the pasture at sunrise

horses in the morning mist

Planting seeds and harvesting lettuce

Peonies in the garden

Ali with purple clover sticking out of her mouth

Trying to lead the calf out to the pasture for the first time.

Meeting some new friends

Rosalila's pacifier

Goldy the Dairy Cow of Infinite Patience

Cleaning the teets

Milking Goldy

The bounty

Moonrise over the mountains

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2 Responses to Just some photos

  1. scot says:

    Ah, the cow milking…not so fond memories there, as I never quite got the hand of it, so to speak. Plus, I never had patient cows.

    Love the blog, the postings and the photos. Looking outside my ABQ window they seem to be taken on some other planet, a planet that must be much, much rainier than my scratchy-throat Southwest.

    Enjoy that fecundity thing..and I’ll be checking in as I get a bit closer to you guys in coming weeks.


    • teeandzee says:

      Hi Scot – thanks for reading along! Yeah, I thought I would never get the hang of milking, especially since we only do it once a week. H can do it mind-bogglingly fast. Last time, though, I hit my groove and got a really good rhythm going. Unfortunately, our access to the cow ends in a week or two when summer camp starts – then the kids do all the milking.

      Yes, it is truly like another planet, in more ways than one.

      Were excited to hear more about your bike trip with Em, and hope you’ll be meandering close enough that we might get to see you. We’re always happy to break out of the bubble of the farm and little town, so we’d probably be willing to drive a bit to meet you somewhere.

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