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A Quickie (with photos)

Sorry we haven’t had more posts recently.  We’ve been incredibly busy managing hay, of all things, which turns out to be WAY more complex and tricky than I ever could have imagined.  Perhaps one of us will write the harrowing … Continue reading

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Early Harvests

Seems like so much is happening on the farm, so rapidly, that I can’t write quickly enough.  I don’t feel I’m doing a very good job capturing the normal sequence and pace of things here.  For example, we’ve already harvested … Continue reading

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Bee cool

I finally got to don a bee-suit and get my (heavily gloved) hands into a hive this week.  What a thrill!  Beekeeping is something I’ve been interested in since we lived in Baltimore 6 years ago. I even went to … Continue reading

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Musings On Permaculture, Part II

We have enjoyed countless scenes of natural beauty and order in the last six weeks. Like little transmissions, they unfold in waves, set apart from each other in sequences: the horses emerging through the milky early morning mist, that same … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

About two weeks ago, we started to ween the calf from milk to grain and grass.  It took some serious snuffing of maternal instincts not to sneak out at night and give the poor girl her bottle.  She already wanted … Continue reading

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“Cornbread and butter beans, and you across the table”*

I keep finding reasons to put off my post about our meals; I’m waiting for some fabulous meal I know we are planning, or I keep forgetting to take pictures of the meals, or something else just comes up that … Continue reading

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Musings on Permaculture, Part I

Z and T posted separately this week, with entirely different topics.  Here is T’s post, and Z’s was posted just a bit earlier. Permaculture on the brain this week.  If we’ve talked in the last couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly … Continue reading

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