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Labors of Love (Except for the Killing Part)

I’ve been interested in seed collecting for some time, and H & M were excited to let me give it a go on their farm.  There are lots of good reasons for seed collecting, including saving money, ensuring that seeds … Continue reading

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A Bad Case of the Wants…or, How to be a Lazy Buddhist…or, A Call to the Universe

Our friend S once described himself as “slightly Buddhist”, and I immediately thought that fit me pretty well too. For those that have been following along with this blog, you’ve probably picked up that I’ve been trying to apply some … Continue reading

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Eternal Sunshine of the Farmy Mind

This was a week of dreamy interludes and reveries, watery fun, and the unceasing pleasure of good company.  It was also a week of unknown destinations: places only conjured in the mind because you haven’t yet experienced them, and thus … Continue reading

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A Night to Remember

There is a little bit of overlap between T and I in the content of our posts this week (see his Eternal Sunshine post), but we thought it would be interesting to share our different experiences of the same events. … Continue reading

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Buckin’ Hay

Though it was a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d write about our experience ‘bucking’ hay, before too much time passes and we forget.  It was a fun adventure for us, especially so because it occurred when H was … Continue reading

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