Morning Drama

Lots happening…too busy to write much these days.  Hope to have some good news to share soon on the farm-hunting project, but I don’t want to jinx it.  Till then, I wanted to share a few fun photos:

My favorite part of our coop is the little window Taylor put in. I love to watch the birds watching me as I close them in for the night, or let them out in the morning.

Our chickens are a curious lot. Here they are watching S&S's cat, Tikla, hunting moles in the weeds across the street. They watched her for a good 10 minutes before running off in a tizzy when she finally pounced.

We have a resident wild turkey family in the holler. Here is a hen escorting one of her chicks down the road early in the morning.

No matter how quietly I approach, I've scared this little family off every time I try to get photos. Once the spooked chicks flew up into a tree, and their parents had to call them back down, while fighting off another intruder turkey. I love these little early morning dramas in our front yard.


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