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5 Things I Learned at the OGS

After a February tease of spring, the first few days of March have been a soggy, chilly flashback: crummy conditions for tromping around the quad of UNC-Asheville for the Organic Growers School, as we did last weekend.  Fortunately, most of … Continue reading

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Perks to Living Half an Hour From my Favorite Restaurants

I won’t deny that I’ve mourned some aspects of our former urban life: riding my bike to the grocery, popping in to yoga class or the gym after work, picking up a London Fog at the local coffee shop, walking … Continue reading

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Ghost Farms

Last week, T and I stopped to get some fruit from what we thought was a wild crabapple overhanging the road.  As we were picking, we looked up and realized that we were on the edge of an old orchard. … Continue reading

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Waking Up is Hard to Do

We’re starting to settle in to our new home in the Big Sandy Mush valley, near Leicester, NC.  We’re really enjoying having our own space and things again.  Sandy Mush is also one of the most beautiful places I have … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

T and I recently treated ourselves to a viewing of the new Christopher Nolan flick “Inception”.  The plot centers on a sci-fi technology that allows other people to inhabit, view, and influence one’s dreams.  The plot weaves in and out … Continue reading

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Labors of Love (Except for the Killing Part)

I’ve been interested in seed collecting for some time, and H & M were excited to let me give it a go on their farm.  There are lots of good reasons for seed collecting, including saving money, ensuring that seeds … Continue reading

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A Bad Case of the Wants…or, How to be a Lazy Buddhist…or, A Call to the Universe

Our friend S once described himself as “slightly Buddhist”, and I immediately thought that fit me pretty well too. For those that have been following along with this blog, you’ve probably picked up that I’ve been trying to apply some … Continue reading

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