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Postings about the food we are raising, cooking, and preserving.

Garlic Scented Moving Boxes

Growing and curing garlic was a first for me this year. I don’t really count the time I tried to grow garlic in the sandy, depleted soil we had in our yard in New Mexico.  I think I may have … Continue reading

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On the Bright Side – A Long Overdue Update

Well, it’s  been so long, I bet you’ve wondered if we were going to keep this up.  I suppose T and I have just been bogged down with our jobs, winterizing our little land yacht, family visits, and other pursuits. … Continue reading

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Soul Food (with Recipes!)

We’ve been having fun trying to find new and interesting ways to make use of all the incredible green stuff we’ve got in our fall garden.  Of course, we’ve done the soul food classic of collards cooked with salt pork, … Continue reading

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Perks to Living Half an Hour From my Favorite Restaurants

I won’t deny that I’ve mourned some aspects of our former urban life: riding my bike to the grocery, popping in to yoga class or the gym after work, picking up a London Fog at the local coffee shop, walking … Continue reading

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“You don’t get more American than that.”

For several weeks we’ve had our eyes on another neglected apple orchard in the neighborhood, which we pass every week on our way up and down the mountain to get into town.  We watched as the apples got rosier and … Continue reading

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More Adventures in Putting Food By

Despite the fact that today marks the official start of fall, and the mountainsides here in Sandy Mush are already showing the faintest autumn tint, I’m still clinging on to the idea of summer. It isn’t too difficult to do, … Continue reading

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How ’bout them apples?

    It has been a few weeks since we lucked into some free apples and made apple butter, and I’m only just now getting around to writing about it.  But, in my opinion, apple season extends all the way … Continue reading

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