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Garlic Scented Moving Boxes

Growing and curing garlic was a first for me this year. I don’t really count the time I tried to grow garlic in the sandy, depleted soil we had in our yard in New Mexico.  I think I may have … Continue reading

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5 Things I Learned at the OGS

After a February tease of spring, the first few days of March have been a soggy, chilly flashback: crummy conditions for tromping around the quad of UNC-Asheville for the Organic Growers School, as we did last weekend.  Fortunately, most of … Continue reading

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Late Winter Dose of Color, Inspiration and Hope

We’ve been blessed with a couple of weeks of unseasonably warm weather, which has everyone I know feeling cautiously jubilant that winter does end, spring does come, and its about to get really pretty and very busy around here.  Seems … Continue reading

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On the Bright Side – A Long Overdue Update

Well, it’s  been so long, I bet you’ve wondered if we were going to keep this up.  I suppose T and I have just been bogged down with our jobs, winterizing our little land yacht, family visits, and other pursuits. … Continue reading

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Waking Up is Hard to Do

We’re starting to settle in to our new home in the Big Sandy Mush valley, near Leicester, NC.  We’re really enjoying having our own space and things again.  Sandy Mush is also one of the most beautiful places I have … Continue reading

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Gifts of Summer

The last several weeks have been a time of rapid change and rich harvest in the garden. Like much of the country in July, we’ve had intense heat, but fortunately here it has alternated with good soaking rains. Everything has … Continue reading

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Labors of Love (Except for the Killing Part)

I’ve been interested in seed collecting for some time, and H & M were excited to let me give it a go on their farm.  There are lots of good reasons for seed collecting, including saving money, ensuring that seeds … Continue reading

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