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A Quickie (with photos)

Sorry we haven’t had more posts recently.  We’ve been incredibly busy managing hay, of all things, which turns out to be WAY more complex and tricky than I ever could have imagined.  Perhaps one of us will write the harrowing … Continue reading

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Pretty Young Wild Things

A week or so ago, H took us on a beautiful hike in the nearby woods to hunt for wild ramps.  We didn’t find any (I think we’ll have another chance later this summer), but we did get to see some … Continue reading

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Just some photos

We haven’t been able to write fast enough to keep up with all that has been happening on the farm.  We’ve been very busy planting, weeding, and preparing the summer garden. We also introduced the calf to the pasture this … Continue reading

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“We’re not the Jet-set, we’re the old Chevrolet-set”*

I thought I’d try to summarize our daily routine here for those of you who are interested in the details.  It’s a bit hard to do, though, because the routine changes a lot from day to day.  We don’t always … Continue reading

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