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Descriptions of our daily and weekly farm routines.

Waking Up is Hard to Do

We’re starting to settle in to our new home in the Big Sandy Mush valley, near Leicester, NC.  We’re really enjoying having our own space and things again.  Sandy Mush is also one of the most beautiful places I have … Continue reading

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Labors of Love (Except for the Killing Part)

I’ve been interested in seed collecting for some time, and H & M were excited to let me give it a go on their farm.  There are lots of good reasons for seed collecting, including saving money, ensuring that seeds … Continue reading

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Buckin’ Hay

Though it was a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d write about our experience ‘bucking’ hay, before too much time passes and we forget.  It was a fun adventure for us, especially so because it occurred when H was … Continue reading

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Early Harvests

Seems like so much is happening on the farm, so rapidly, that I can’t write quickly enough.  I don’t feel I’m doing a very good job capturing the normal sequence and pace of things here.  For example, we’ve already harvested … Continue reading

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“We’re not the Jet-set, we’re the old Chevrolet-set”*

I thought I’d try to summarize our daily routine here for those of you who are interested in the details.  It’s a bit hard to do, though, because the routine changes a lot from day to day.  We don’t always … Continue reading

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There’s Manure on My Jacket, and Cat Puke on the Floor.

The saner among you are probably wondering what we were thinking, leaving a perfectly good bungalow-style house in Albuquerque–not to mention a whole community of people we love–to work unpaid on a farm and squat in the basement apartment of … Continue reading

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