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Perks to Living Half an Hour From my Favorite Restaurants

I won’t deny that I’ve mourned some aspects of our former urban life: riding my bike to the grocery, popping in to yoga class or the gym after work, picking up a London Fog at the local coffee shop, walking … Continue reading

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“You don’t get more American than that.”

For several weeks we’ve had our eyes on another neglected apple orchard in the neighborhood, which we pass every week on our way up and down the mountain to get into town.  We watched as the apples got rosier and … Continue reading

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Ghost Farms

Last week, T and I stopped to get some fruit from what we thought was a wild crabapple overhanging the road.  As we were picking, we looked up and realized that we were on the edge of an old orchard. … Continue reading

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Waking Up is Hard to Do

We’re starting to settle in to our new home in the Big Sandy Mush valley, near Leicester, NC.  We’re really enjoying having our own space and things again.  Sandy Mush is also one of the most beautiful places I have … Continue reading

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A Night to Remember

There is a little bit of overlap between T and I in the content of our posts this week (see his Eternal Sunshine post), but we thought it would be interesting to share our different experiences of the same events. … Continue reading

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