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Rooster Finds His Voice

Remember these guys? Well, here they are now: We’ve been having a lot of fun watching our little flock of chickens mature this summer.  For a long while, even after they reached full size and plumage, the birds still made … Continue reading

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Chapter 3 – A New Hope

Those of you who have been following along from the beginning will have heard us refer to our recent transitions as “phases” of the master plan.  Phase 1 was leaving our jobs in New Mexico and moving to Western North … Continue reading

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Morning Drama

Lots happening…too busy to write much these days.  Hope to have some good news to share soon on the farm-hunting project, but I don’t want to jinx it.  Till then, I wanted to share a few fun photos:  

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One Ridge, Four Seasons

Hard to believe, but next week T and I will be celebrating the end of our first year in Western North Carolina. Three of those months were as interns with H & M, and nine were in our rental on … Continue reading

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Being and Centeredness

One of a series of occasional posts from T: It recently came to be that an entire carpenter’s woodshop—a band saw, drill press, radial saw, 14” planer, and more—was up for sale at such a low price that I, one … Continue reading

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Eternal Sunshine of the Farmy Mind

This was a week of dreamy interludes and reveries, watery fun, and the unceasing pleasure of good company.  It was also a week of unknown destinations: places only conjured in the mind because you haven’t yet experienced them, and thus … Continue reading

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I Weed, Therefore I Am

This week, the little notebook I carry around to jot out random bits of my mind is covered in dirt-smudged hand prints, evidence of the morning spent weeding Lamb’s Quarters (also a delicious green) from rows of shallots.  The flow … Continue reading

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